About Apostle Dr. John E. Sagoe

The beginning of Apostle Dr. John E. Sagoe can be briefly described as follows: Apostle Dr. Sagoes root can be found in a strong Christian family that prayed him into the kingdom when he first refused to follow the call. In September 1989 after a dramatic encounter where his future was at stake he decided to follow Christ. In the following years he built up his faith step by step by serving in the house of God in different places and in all kinds of work like sharing translation headsets, cleaning church premises, driving shuttle service for the church etc.  
In 1996 John was specially ordained and certified as an evangelist by Rev Sam K. Ankrah in Royalhouse Chapel in Ghana which at that time was called IBWC (International Bible Worship Center).
Striving for excellence he went for deeper Bible studies to Cape Town, South Africa to Vineyard Ministry School. He successfully concluded and received his certificate in 1997.  
Besides studying Evangelist John was working as a youth ministry leader. He also worked in the area of logistics of Vineyard Worship in Johannesburg SA where his field gradually transformed from logistic center to solution center for many people.
Three years later in UK through a clear vision Evangelist John received God’s instruction to build a church for Him in Biel, Switzerland. Shortly after that he was installed as a pastor and New International Church was founded in 2003. Only four years later Pastor John Sagoe purchased the first church building for New International Church.

In 2005 his apostolic ministry notably unfolded while touring five cities through the US. Since then he has visited many other nations around the world for the gospels sake.
In 2006 Pastor John was lead by God to organize a chain prayer for the city of Biel in Switzerland. In the same year he received a Doctor degree of Bethel Christian University in Detroit, Michigan. Also in 2006 Pastor John was invited by the Swiss cantonal police in Bern to speak about the solution for struggles with immigrants in Switzerland. Before 500 police officers Pastor John stated that the church is the only solution to the problem.

In the following years the prophetic mantle on Pastor John Sagoes life got more and more evident. He publicly prophesied natural disasters, catastrophes and called for prayer and shortly after it came to pass just as he said. He pronounced blessings over people and their life never remained the same.
Parallel to that the apostolic grace increased year after year:

Since then many occasions like this happened where business leaders, celebrities and politicians up to presidents where receiving Apostle John in their offices to receive council and blessing. He was privileged to prophesy presidents into power. As a prophet to the nations he was able to gather hundreds of pastors and leaders for prayer and got known in Switzerland through prayer conferences, while he was praying on the Swiss parliament house with around 20 other Christians. In 2005 he received a vision to organize a yearly prayer conference for Switzerland called Hour of Encounter Prayer Conference.

Not only in Switzerland Apostle Dr. John E. Sagoe gained recognition as an eloquent teacher revealing the mysteries of the Word of God and unveiling the Prophetic word.
As a confirmation of the fivefold anointing upon his life signs and wonders follow him wherever he goes.

Currently he is reaching out in the area of church plant to bring healing and to fortify the body of Christ worldwide, especially in Ghana, Switzerland and in the US. His prophetic school is aimed to prepare the churches in the endtime for the return of Jesus Christ. Beside that it is his heartbeat to reach the unreached and the less privileged children.

He is happily married with Pastor Sandra Sagoe. They are blessed with beautiful 5 girls.